What is a medication review?

A medication review is a meeting to talk just about your medicines. Your medicines should be reviewed regularly (usually once a year) to check they are right for you.



Why are medication reviews necessary?

When you are first prescribed a medicine, your doctor, nurse and pharmacist check that it is the best medicine for you. However, things may change. For example:

  • You might develop a side effect from the medicine
  • Your health might have changed
  • You might have started taking other additional medicines
  • Guidelines for treating conditions change over time.

All of these factors can affect whether a medicine remains the best choice for you.


What happens at a medication review?

We will make you a 10 minute  review appointment. We will discuss your medicines with you, and you will be able to ask any questions you have about your medicines.


Will my medicines be changed?

Possibly, but only to improve your treatment. Before any changes are made, the reasons for the change will be explained and you will be asked for your agreement.


Do I need to take anything to my medication review?

It would be very useful if you could bring with you:

  • All of the medicines you receive on prescription
  • Any medicines you buy (such as from a pharmacy or other shop)
  • Any vitamins, herbal or homoeopathic remedies you take

Medicines often have two names (a brand name and a generic name) so having the medicines with you at the review will prevent any confusion if the pharmacist calls the medicine a different name to the name you normally use.


What questions will I be asked at my medication review?

You will be asked how you are getting on with your medicines. Some of the questions you might be asked include:

  • Are you able to take all of your medicines?
  • Are there any medicines you miss out or forget to take?
  • Do you feel you are having side effects from your medicines?
  • Do you have any concerns about your medicines?


Where can I get information about medicines?

For information about your medicines, please contact us, a  community pharmacist (chemist) or NHS24   or telephone 111.

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